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bright services

Our clients include major brands, mid-market companies and small businesses. We also work with private equity portfolio companies who are interested in developing high-performance teams, growing revenue, building relationships with customers and optimizing marketing ROI.  Our goal is to provide you with the short-term resources and expertise you need to succeed.

business strategy

Our approach focuses on helping your business achieve full economic potential–whether through a strategic planning process, organization alignment, new product development or brand repositioning. Such efforts are all about making strategic choices and driving change. The ultimate goal is to serve customers better than the competition.

Support we provide:

• Develop business plan
• Identify strategic imperatives
• Improve organization effectiveness
• Improve customer relationship and lifetime value
• Evaluate competitive landscape

• Provide access to capital through VC or
Private Equity firms

Short-term roles we can fill:

• CEO/President
• Chief Strategy Officer
• Chief Operations Officer
• Board Member
• Director of Strategic Planning

marketing services

Customers are the source of real growth. We combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in marketing, media, operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable, profitable growth.

Support we provide:

• Identify consumer insights
• Improve targeting
• Create marketing plans
• Build effective content
• Plan and buy media
• Improve marketing ROI
• Improve call-center performance
• Design/improve CRM system
• Enhance your web site
• Optimize social media efforts

Short-term roles we can fill:

• Chief Marketing Officer
• Chief Media Officer
• Chief Creative Officer
• Online Business Leader
• Director of CRM
• Director of Consumer Research
• Director of Consumer Experience
& Social Media
• Director of Social Media

revenue acceleration

Revenue acceleration is all about identifying the right prospects, arming your sales force with the right capabilities, insight, and information that will actually accelerate sales. We work to help you combines business processes, people and technology to achieve a simple goal: getting the most relevant information to the right person at the right time in the sales cycle.

Support we provide:

• Develop go-to-market strategy
• Hire and train sales force
• Create opportunities
• Improve sales team accountability
• Develop "pitch" content

Short-term roles we can fill:

• Sales Manager
• Director of Operations
• Networker

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